Why you need to start a home business in Essential Oils in 2019...

Why you need to start a home business in Essential Oils in 2019...

It's 2019 and the demand for natural health products is increasing, learn why a large number of people are starting their own business from home in Essential Oils.
  1. History: Essential Oils have been used since 4,500 BC by the Egyptians, and ever since have been embraced within China, India, Greece, Rome, Persia and many other ancient empires. Many people start their own businesses selling new products to customers which requires immense education to convince people of the benefits of the products, when the history is there, people become far more open to these powerful products. On top of that, they simply just work!

  2. Quality: When a product is well known in the market place, and people are open to it’s benefits, the trick to success is bringing a higher quality product to the market. When people already believe in a product, you don’t need to show them that it works, you need to show them that yours is better! This is why our products are harvested from their natural habitats all over the world and are the only 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils available on the market.

  3. Leverage: Starting a business is not easy, startup costs, buying stock to sell takes a lot of capital, did you know there is a way to do this so that the manufacturer of the Essential Oils will supply the Oils to your customers, and all you have to do is introduce people to the oils!

  4. Hands on: When people start selling a quality product, even though it’s great quality, people won’t always believe it. HOWEVER, Essential Oils are great as they can be felt, touched, smelt and even tasted (in some cases where the product deems it safe for Internal use). This makes a huge difference when sharing a high quality product, like we outlined earlier.

  5. Use Cases: The best way to sell Essential Oils is through sharing the benefits and sharing the use cases, which is why when we introduce new people to the business, we provide material on different uses of the Oils including for Babies, Cleaning, Pets, general wellness and more.

  6. Potential: The Essential Oil market is huge, over $5 billion (USD) worldwide. People are hungry for high quality, natural health products, it’s up to you if you want to sell to them, or you will let someone else?

Feel like starting? Click Here to choose a wholesale membership kits which come with a range of Essential Oils and provides all you need to start the business!

Have a few questions? Click here to contact us and have a chat, we can even invite you down to one of our Essential Oil information sessions which we hold regularly.

Sounding like a good idea? Here are the facts…

By opening a wholesale account (keeping in mind running the business is optional, you can actually just open a wholesale account to get the oils cheaper) you receive

  1. 25% off Retail Prices of Essential Oils.
  2. Up to 30% credit based on your order to spend on free products
  3. Your own website where you receive commission from when people purchase.
  4. Uncapped Commissions.
  5. The oils you will be selling are sourced from their natural habitats all over the world, and can be shipped nearly anywhere in the world.
  6. Stock stored by the supplier and shipped direct to your customers (no need to stock your own oils)
  7. Quality support from a great team who want to see you succeed.
  8. Free tools and training on Essential Oils, their uses and how to grow your business.
  9. A free product each month (dependant on your order size)

Want to learn more? Click here to contact us if you want to learn more about doing business the smart way and get started on your road to success!

We have regular introduction classes in Melbourne and everyone is welcome to join, feel free to contact us and ask when our next class is!

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