The Inside Scoop on Frankincense

If you’re looking for an essential oil which offers a plethora of benefits, as well as a truly delicious aromatic scent, you’ll enjoy learning about the properties of Frankincense essential oil. This fragrant oil has been prized since Biblical times, due to its woodsy, spicy-fruity aroma, as well its ability to heal, smooth and soothe the skin. However, the benefits of this ancient essential oil definitely do not stop there!

To help you get the inside scoop on Frankincense essential oil, we’ve created a factual quick guide…

History of Frankincense

The history of Frankincense began five thousand years ago, in ancient Egypt. Egyptian women of this era added Frankincense ashes to their eye shadows and used Frankincense for personal care needs. During this time period, this precious substance was also used for other purposes – for example, it was utilized in order to prepare mummies, as well as animal sacrifices.

Origins of Frankincense

Frankincense essential oil is derived from the sap of the Boswellia sacra and Boswellia carteri trees. These sorts of trees are indigenous to Africa and Arabia.

Frankincense essential oil is created by steam-distilling Frankincense resin.

Notable Historical References

Frankincense is referred to seventeen times in the King James Bible. The most famous reference is found in the Gospel of Matthew. This reference tells the story of the Gifts of the Magi. These precious gifts (Myrhh, gold and Frankincense) were presented to Jesus by the “Three Wise Men”.

Benefits of Frankincense

This oil soothes the senses and it’s renowned for its ability to calm. Most people who seek out this specific benefit do so by diffusing the oil via Aroma Diffusers (click here to view our diffusers) or by inhaling it directly (Check out our nasal inhalers here).

Some people add a little of this essential oil to carrier oils or creams, as they believe it will make their complexions smoother and more radiant.

Value in Historical Terms

In Egypt and Arabia, Frankincense resin was a prized commodity which fetched a high price at market. Oman was - and remains - the world’s center for Frankincense production.

Hopefully, our quick guide has helped you to appreciate the wonders of this coveted essential oil. You may find authentic Frankincense essential oil online – seek out organic formulas which are pure and which are produced by trusted manufacturers.

The Wrap Up

Frankincense has been used throughout history and has been known to have many aromatic benefits, as well as a high value for trade, for anyone with a passion for Aromatherapy & Essential Oils, this one is a must have.

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