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Nasal Inhalers (5 Pack)

These Nasal Inhalers let you carry the aroma of your Essential Oils with you where ever you may be. Each Inhaler comes assembled and contains all the parts required to breathe in one of your beautiful Essential Oils.

Each pack contains

5x Screw Bases
5x Covers
5x Premium Cotton Wicks

To use the nasal inhaler follow these steps

  1. Remove the Nasal Cover
  2. Remove the base of the inhaler
  3. Remove the cotton wick
  4. Place 5-15 drops of Essential Oil on to the cotton wick
  5. Place the Cotton wick back inside the Nasal inhaler
  6. Clip in the bottom on the inhaler
  7. Insert in nose
  8. Breath the aroma
  9. Place cover back on your inhaler
  10. Smile and enjoy your day

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