Why an Essential Oil Business is a great opportunity for new mums

Why an Essential Oil Business is a great opportunity for new mums

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Over the past 10 years we have seen in increase in demand for natural health products. Although often not backed by science, we're seeing reports of an increase in R&D happening across the natural health industry, this is leading to a greater understanding of the properties of the plants where the Oils are being extracted from.

The fact that the industry is growing is only one piece of the puzzle, by why is this industry suited to mums? Lets explore that a little more in-depth below.

Growing Industry
Latest reports show that the global Aromatherapy Industry is valued an approximate $1,168M USD, and is projected to grow to to $2.181M USD by 2024, which is a Compounding Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of nearly 10%. 

Flexible Hours
We all know that with more responsibilities comes less free time, starting an Essential Oil business means you can share on your terms, work when you feel like it, and create an additional income source in your own time.

Ability Utilise Your Network
Unfortunately there are a large number of "synthetic" oils on the market that are not as pure as they seem, this makes it difficult for people to make a purchase a premium Essential Oil, until they've experienced the quality for themselves. In turn, this shows that the best way to sell Essential Oils is through networks, most people get started with Essential Oils when they discover the benefits, which then results in expanded use. Whether that network be family, friends, sporting groups, new mums or activities, meeting people like yourself and sharing oils builds interest and in turn generates sales.

Starting is Simple
Starting an Essential Oil business is super straight forward, and it's as simple as opening a wholesale account with one of our Membership Kits. Each membership kit includes a range of Essential Oils at wholesale prices (25% discount) and there is a kit for everyone's budget as well as a range of Oils to help you start sharing. Although the basic way to earn an income is buying at wholesale and selling at retail, there are a large number of additional ways to generate income which we will explain to you.

Remove the Complexity
Working directly with the supplier means no having to deal with importing, stock management, Quality Control, sourcing, Farm Management, you do what you do best, share Oils and grow your business!

Our Support - Learn More
When joining with a membership, we will provide you with information on Essential Oils for the little ones, information covering a range of topics, as well as running classes where you will meet people growing their own business just like you, and strategies for growing your business

Thanks for reading and we hope you've discovered some value! You can check out our Membership Kits or if you would like some more information around starting a business, talk to us directly first here!

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