Building an Essential Oil Business

5 tips to success with an Essential Oil Business.

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We have the pleasure of working with a large number of passionate Essential Oil lovers who are reaping the rewards of building a nice home business with Essential Oils. As we talk to many of these leaders we discover some great tips when it comes to building a successful business with Essential Oils and introducing new people to these powerful products, click here to discover how you can start your own business.

  1. Share Benefits: When introducing people to Essential Oils for the first time, remember to start by sharing the product and it’s benefits, not the brand. These days you can find anything you want on the internet, google is the one place where a sore throat will turn out to be cancer, and an itchy leg will be ebola. This is the same when it comes to products and brands, we know that our chosen brand of Essential Oils has a reputation for extremely high quality Oils, but there are always going to be negative articles, most of which are written by the competition. People don’t understand how pure our chosen Oils really are until they sample them for the first time. Don’t let a negative Nancy from google change their opinion before they have sampled the oils first hand.

  2. Solve Problems: Allow people to become interested in Essential Oils by solving their problems. People are far more likely to engage with you if the Essential Oils will benefit them in their day to day lives. Whether it be improved sleep, relief from muscular pain, stress or allergies, focus on the benefits and what the Oils can do for them. I fell in love with Essential Oils when someone shared lavender, lemon & peppermint with me to kick my allergies, the results not only had me hooked, but had me hunting for more ways that I could make use of this powerful items.

  3. Give Give Give: A lot of people don’t fully understand the power of Essential Oils and will not understand it until they have a positive experience with the Oils. One of the best strategies is sharing an Oil with someone, knowing that it will result in a positive experience. Our packs of 50 share bottles allow you to give a little Oil to everyone, without having to worry about when you will get your precious bottle back. Click here to view our share bottles.

  4. Build Value Beyond Belief: Build value before price. When it comes to selling a product to someone, whether it be Essential Oils or something else. If you’re introducing a product to someone, make sure that you show value beyond that of the product price, that way when you tell them the price, it’s absolutely no issue! For example, a bottle of Easy Air may not have much value as a respiratory aid, but a bottle of Easy Air that is going to stop a ladies husband from snoring and thus allow a good nights sleep is worth a fortune!

  5. Knowledge: Learn Learn Learn, when people purchase they need to trust the seller and trust the product, the second you are unable to answer a question, people will hesitate, learn as much as you can about the brand and the product, this will build confidence with your leads.

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I am interested to have a business at home but as of now i dont have the capital. I want to know prices of essential oil so i can prepare myself how much do i need to start even in a very small capital. First i want to try it first. Hard for me to find here in the philippines. I buy once in a mall and i was so disappointed. But if you have distributor here in manila please tell me where so i can buy. Thanks.

Praxedes Lazaro

I need information.


Im in love with aromas, lets try.

Veronica Genizzotti

I would like to learn more, and info about the share bottles, this is a great page of info. TY


Hi I am currently overseas and I moving to Indonesia for work. Could I get some information regarding Essentials oils and the business side of it please. Thanks

Anna Servary

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